Theorem Collider Podcast is in the Works!


Greetings friends!  I have emerged from my hiatus, awoken from my slumber with fantastic news!  Actually I have not been slumbering; in fact, in my time of absence, I have been organizing resources and obtaining the necessary equipment for fulfilling what has been a steadily growing dream of mine: starting a Theorem Collider podcast!

I am an avid listener and fervent fan of many excellent podcasts covering an ever-expanding range of topics, and the idea of becoming the host of my own is both exciting and terrifying.  Of course above most I enjoy podcasts that cover topics similar to what I write about, although I do hope that my specific approach to them will help me stand out and find that niche sweet spot.  I want to recognize two programs that deserve special mention, though, specifically for their superb content and stalwart, Whovian host; they are The Gralien Report and Middle Theory, both championed by “The Doctor” Micah Hanks and filled out by a fantastically talented team.  Now I don’t know Micah personally, unfortunately, but he deserves recognition because he has been a noteworthy source of both knowledge and inspiration for me.  A few years back, Micah published a book called “The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting: A Manual for Nonconformists”, which has helped a great deal in navigating the winding path to this point, and I have a solid vision for the things I still need to accomplish.  In addition, he is regularly quite vocal about the importance of (channeling Shia Labeouf here) not letting your dreams be dreams and just doing it(!) in regards to becoming a podcaster.  Ultimately, his verbal pushes have helped give me the final nudge I need to plunge into the great void of a wonderfully uncertain adventure.

I also want to give credit and recognition to other podcasts that have brought me both entertainment and inspiration: Mysterious Universe (who I would love to write for if they ever so desired, by the way), Expanded Perspectives, Beyond the Darkness, The Joe Rogan Experience, and many others out there who do the research and hard work to provide interesting and high quality content.  Thank you all.

In the days to come, I will be completing my home studio setup and going through all the necessary headaches to get the first few shows recorded and posted to iTunes and other such services.  When the shows become available for download, I will be connecting to their feeds here, as well as posting show notes with references, links, and such.  It is quite an endeavor, but one that I am incredibly excited about!  I hope that this will help me to reach more people with my ideas, and facilitate quality discussion, debate, and discovery.  So until the day soon comes when my voice begins to emanate from the depths of the Theorem Collider and propagate out into the strange, Stygian recesses of the internet, remember to keep smashing all those ideas together in your minds; you never know what we might discover next!


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